An English Arts and Crafts Country House
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The English Country House

This is the journey we took in building our new house.

 We thoroughly enjoyed the process and after ten years we are ready to move on and this wonderful house and property can now be yours, see the property listing here:
Cates Properties, ML Listing #52931967 and a virtual tour HERE

In 1998 we arranged to look at property in Southern Oregon, with the possible idea of finding a suitable location for our upcoming retirement. After several unappealing property visits, our realtor took us to what she described as an “undiscovered” area in the Illinois Valley.

The property she showed us had level meadows, a forest, a creek, a pond and a small rustic cabin sitting on 26 acres, all surrounded by wooded mountains. In addition, there was a fenced orchard wiThe Original Cabinth many apple and pear trees, as well as a few cherry trees. Also, there was a site within this fenced area for a vegetable garden.

We were sold! We made an offer, it was accepted and eighteen months later, we accelerated our retirement plans and moved into the rustic cabin.

This cabin is shown on the right, it was warm and quite comfortable and was only
a few paces from the site where we built the new house.

We found an architect who was able to generate house plans
to accommodate most of our wish list. The house design incorporates many of the design features that originate from the English architect, C.F.A. Voyse
y. This architect practiced in England in the late 1980's and was responsible for the design of many houses that are still in existence today.

One of the features of the house design is the addition of a small conservatory or sun-room, making this an ideal place to have tea or coffee on those bright but cool days.

Follow our journey with this house.


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